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100000 EUR

Investment property in Ukraine. ( ищу инвестора , Львов Украина )

Investment property in Ukraine.
Investment property in Ukraine.
Neighborhood and cooperation have brought and lead our country to the international level of mutual relations, the value of which, in the end, does not depend on the deterrent factors of slow integration into the European community. We want to draw attention to the facts that unite us within the state and beyond. The first is our good and easy temper, hard work and talent, as well as the desire to live better, which brings us into a circle of potentially interesting partners in business, industry, culture, education, medicine, etc. PP "Galinterpidem" with joy and with all responsibility offers to future partners, both in Ukraine and abroad a viable and perspective project of investment real estate for doing business in the territory of our state. For such a progressive idea, we provide detailed information about property with a description and description. Thus, PP "Galinterpidov" wishes to draw your attention to the following investment objects:
1) Production and warehouse complex, which includes: a land area of ??7563.00 m2, the total area of ??production and warehouse is 2800.0 m2.
2) The complex (the premises and the actual land area) are privately owned, fully enclosed, with convenient convenient means of arrival - departure, engineering communications, water, sewage, electricity, gas, telephone communication.
3) There is a favorable opportunity for reconstruction of the whole complex to increase its production space and build new premises of the required size and characteristics.
We present the geographical and economic advantages that the future owner of this investment property will receive: Yavoriv city, Lviv region, 50 km from the regional center - Lviv, 15 km from the border with Poland and at a distance of 0.1 km from the international route Lviv - Krakovets .
This investment property is also conveniently located in the economic sense, because it is located on the territory of the SEZ "Yavoriv" (Savvy Economic Zone), where there are simplified conditions for doing business, production activities, etc. An investor entering the territory of SEZ "Yavoriv" will use a wide range of benefits for economic relations and taxation. We want to note that the opening of foreign companies in Yavorivshchina and in Yavorov is not something new and strange, businessmen from Austria, Japan, Portugal, Germany, Korea and Poland are already active and pleased. They have contributed to the employment of local residents and the increase in living standards of this promising region in general and built their own advantageous business.

PP "Galinterpidovy" with an appropriate level of professional affairs is ready to provide advice on investment property in the city of Yavoriv and to conduct an inspection visit to the territory of the facility for the interested buyer. In addition, we can assure that the purchase of this investment project will open wide prospects for both domestic and international economic cooperation for its visionary owner.
We are ready to start negotiations for sale at any time convenient for you, because all available permissions and documents for this we have in stock.
Investment real estate is a step towards new achievements of the national and international scale.
Make this important progress thanks to us!
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